September 2017 Influences


The expression this month is NAKED TRUTH. The question is: Are you being completely honest with yourself and others or are you still hiding aspects of yourself from view?

The tarot card is the Integrity – Nine of Wands. This is a completion card of a spiritual nature. The nine indicates the ending of one cycle and the beginning of the next.

Did you go for it last month? Did you take advantage of the energy of the eclipses to become more authentically yourself?

If so, celebrate yourself for a job well-done and really appreciate yourself for the energy expended.

If you pulled back, however, you have another opportunity this month to be in complete integrity with your highest potential.

The nine signifies one cycle ending, but another beginning. Take a moment to catch your breath. If you need to lean into making changes, do so now.

A new cycle is beginning.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to step into your wholeness?

Are you ready to show yourself, your family and the world your majestic self?

You are magnificent.

Allow it.

Know it.

Own it.

Be truly magnificent.

It’s your time.


The eclipses are behind you, Mercury is still retrograde, Saturn has just gone direct, the seasons are changing and another month begins.

It’s a month for Virgo who gives way to Libra, a full moon in Pisces blending with a retrograde Neptune, a new moon in Virgo, the equinox for balance and equanimity and Pluto turning direct for truth-telling and light shining.

Here are the details.

Week 1:

There’s still plenty of fire in the cosmos with Mercury, Venus and Mars in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus is Aries. So, summer may be giving way to autumn in the Northern hemisphere, but the passions and inspiration of fire are not through with you yet.

On the 2nd, Leo Mars harmonizes with Aries Uranus as it does every 12-18 months. You’ll feel the urge to take risks, break free and release constraints. You’ll want to start new projects, change your routine and use your instincts.  As Mars kisses Mercury the very next day, your concepts, thoughts and ideas will also get a burst of drive and energy. Vroom, vroom is the expression right now. You’re being driven to go for it and you have the potential for success.

Yet, due to retrograde Mercury, you’re vroom, vroom action on anything brand new may have to wait a little bit more. Thinking critically and strategically, delve into the acute details of the ‘anything new’ you would like to begin. Use the Mercury-Mars connection to your advantage even if physical action has yet to commence.

On September 5th, Mercury turns direct after three frustrating weeks of traffic jams, technology glitches and miscommunications. BUT, there is a shadow to Mercury re-stationing that lasts for two more weeks. Hence, the need for pause in putting thought into action on new opportunities. Again, use your extremely active, instinctual drive in the conceptual phase. Roll up your sleeves and think through all of the sticking points and nitty gritty details as Mars enters Virgo on this very same day.

Mars in Virgo will love this exercise as it can tend toward nervousness and anxiety. Don’t allow it.  Focus the beautiful detail-oriented, perfection-seeking energy of Virgo with the action-oriented, driven energy of Mars.  Channel it with sustained effort on your conceptual tasks.

September 5th continues to be active with the Sun in Virgo opposing retrograde Neptune in Pisces and Leo Venus stimulating Pisces Neptune to make adjustments.

The Sun-Neptune opposition calls for deepening your beliefs, awareness and understanding of yourself. Neptune in Pisces is dreamy and deluding, however, Neptune is retrograde, so the influence is not the same. Retrograde Neptune allows for less self-deception and with the Virgo Sun opposing it, you have the opportunity to see yourself clearly – very clearly.

Perhaps, a little too clearly.

It’s okay. Allow yourself complete honesty.

Lean into it.

This is necessary as Leo Venus is quincunx Pisces Neptune. This means you have a distorted perception of yourself compared with others. You’ve a distorted view of where you are going and exactly who you are. Venus covers the financial aspects of your life and the pull of retrograde Neptune gives you an altered view. You may gain a different sense of your financial circumstances. Get real with yourself about how you make and spend your money if you’re feeling any inclination in this area of your life. If not, don’t begin exploring it at this point.

As Venus is the Goddess of love, of course, there will be relationship pieces to this tug from Neptune. Leo and Pisces is and interesting combination. Leo loves romance as does Venus. Leo loves joy, spontaneity and celebration. Pisces is dreamy and adores connection. This may be a good time to connect in a truly healing way in your intimate relationships. However, if your relationship is complicated or undergoing struggle, there may be distortions and tendencies to delude your true nature in your relationship. Sensitivities may be heightened due to this arrangement. You’d be better off riding the wave without making any drastic changes and using this time for self-reflection.

There’s another contributing factor as the Full Moon is upon you the very next day to add your heart and emotions into this murky mix.

The Full Moon on September 6th is all about Virgo and Pisces. Virgo strives for perfection and Pisces accepts everything as it is – it loves the connection and cannot conceive of anything being less than acceptable just as is.  Your identity, ego and personality are seeing every imperfection – starkly. You being asked to look honestly at yourself and try to gain realistic perception of others. The Virgo energy is emphasized by Mars the warrior blending with Mercury the thinker.

Your emotions are heightened with the Moon kissing Neptune and the adjustments that are being sought between yourself and others with Venus tugging on both the Moon and Neptune.  Venus being in Leo powers the situation as Leo yearns for personal self-expression and can be dramatic when not being heard and seen. The Piscean connection to all this will add fuel to this fire.

Week 2:

The Venus lion continues to be active when, on September 9th, it coordinates with the Capricorn’s Pluto to ask what forms and structures in relationship, finance and yourself need to be explored and healed at this time. Have you given away your power to others? Have you been honest with yourself about the state of your financial affairs? Do you have reasonable habits or boundaries in those areas of your life you tend to ignore?

On this same day, the Sun in Virgo harmonizes with Pluto as it has been doing every May and September and will continue to do so for the next few years.  This is good. This earthly combination is grounding and allows for deep internal review. Any urges to take control of your life, research complex types of information or clear away clutter, physically and figuratively, will be favored right now.

The Venus-Pluto and Sun-Pluto activity helps you explore the deepest parts of yourself in a tangible and supportive way. This can be a time of deep inner healing if you allow it.

On the 10th, Mercury enters its own sign of Virgo. Mercury loves Virgo as its at home in this sign. Ideas, thoughts, perceptions abound. This is a time of strong communication, excellent organization and practical application of learning and discovery. You can lean into industry to relieve any tensions built up over the last few days.

On September 13th, the Venus lion is at is again, but this time with the Sagittarian Saturn.  The next day, on the 14th, the Sun once again enters the Venus activity by vexing the Sagittarian Saturn. So, the Venus-Saturn and Sun-Saturn movements ask you to get real in your relationships, financial concerns and self-identifying behavior. There’s fire here with Leo and Sagittarius and it can be lightened if you allow yourself some level of self-deprecation. The Virgin Sun may help as Virgo naturally allows for humility.

Yet, this is a time for patience – lots of patience.

Saturn always requires patience as this planet holds everything in place until you’ve mastered whatever is required. In this case, the restrictions involve work, duties and responsibilities and time requirements to get ‘everything done’. You’ll feel pressure to perform under unwelcoming conditions and the urge will be to ‘blow it all off’. Don’t do this as it may lead to more difficult circumstances in the future.

Just put your head down and harness the Mercury influence for industry. You’ll feel better as you accomplish the work in front of you. Your self-confidence may even gain a boost.

Week 3:

The third week of this month begins on the 15th with the Venus lion exciting the Libran Jupiter. Well, thank God. Enjoy this day. Revel in the glory of Venus-Jupiter. This typically happens twice a year, but it’s only occurring once this year. Take complete advantage. As it’s a Friday, make plans for some much-needed fun. Socialize, romanticize, travel, play the lottery, and spread the love. Have fun, seriously, take this moment for a playful breather.

On the 16th, Mercury blends with Mars, both in Virgo, to power thoughts, ideas and communication. It can also tend toward increased nerves, anxieties and even anger. Use this energy to your advantage by solving any puzzling issues, performing complex tasks or pursuing a worthy cause to channel this energy and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

On the 18th, the Venus lion soothes Uranus in Aries. Expect the unexpected in relationship, finances or creativity. This is typically a positive aspect, so explore the unique and different. Go out with friends, shop to spruce up your image or discover new creative pursuits.

The New Moon on September 20th is all about Virgo as the Sun and Moon blend into this energy and Venus enters it as well to join Mercury and Mars. Five planets in Virgo - who knows perfection. Virgo is all about seeing everything. She strives for perfection. She can see it, feel it and embody it, yet she also knows the realities of the imperfections of where everyone’s life is. Where is your life right not? No one’s is imperfect, so you’re in good company, but if you’re not use to the energy of Virgo, it can seem complicated and anxiety-inducing.

Lean into the practical, intelligent and discerning parts of Virgo to look honestly at your life and make the necessary changes.

Other factors add to this mix with Mercury in Virgo pulling at Neptune in Pisces and the Sun, also in Virgo, drawing on Uranus in Aries.

Looking at the Mercury-Neptune combination, this aspect has the ability to add confusion and miscommunication in relationship. It also may lead to distortion of relevant versus irrelevant information.  Making important decisions or signing contracts is not recommended right now. However, the Mercury-Neptune opposition is a wonderful time to explore your creativity and imagination. It’s a dreamy time full of potency. This can assist with all of the Virgo energies calling for life review and self-examination.

The Virgo Sun-Aries Uranus arrangement summons nervous tension as you sense changes or unexpected events that will ask you to alter your plans or routines. Your intuition is correct as Uranus can bring sudden or unforeseen circumstances into your life.  However, be flexible and open-minded. These changes could be positive, creating good opportunities you may not have anticipated.

In addition, Uranus loves freedom, so any area of your life that’s ho-hum – take advantage of this energy to shake things up a bit. Make adjustments and lean into creative expression. Experiment.  Making minor changes in your life is fully supported now.  Combining these influences with the Virgo practicality and discernment allows for successful modifications in your life.

Week 4:

September 22nd brings the Sun into Libra and the Autumnal Equinox – it’s all about balance and welcoming in the energies of a new season. In the northern hemisphere, fall is upon us. This is a time of harvest, of celebrating and relishing the rewards of summer. What have you achieved since the spring? What seeds did you plant? What strides did you make over the summer months? Reward yourself for your hard work and efforts. Relax with friends, entertain, or go to dinner with your sweetheart.

On this day, Mercury harmonizes Pluto, both in earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn respectively. Remember the pause moment for relationship communication of the New Moon? Now is the perfect time to have all of those conversations. Your mental acuity and communication skills are at an all-time high. Your ability to ask for favors, gain influence and convince others is finely honed. Bargaining, negotiating, cooperating and compromising are all supported activities in this planetary combination.

This is also a great time for research and discovery. Investigate anything at work, in the mysteries or of a psychic nature. Do past life regression or dream recall. Pluto loves to uncover things and Mercury loves to analyze and communicate.

On the 24th, Mars pulls at Neptune. The Neptune pulling has been a theme this month. Once again, you feel the energies of the Virgo-Pisces opposition. This time, however, it’s charged with martial energy. This pulling happens every other year, so it feels uncomfortable as it’s unfamiliar. It also feels uncomfortable as it’s so anti-Mars. The Neptune-Mars combination debilitates the natural exuberance and stamina of Mars. You’ll feel sluggish, slow and even lazy. It’s a Sunday, take the day off.

The next day, Virgo Mercury challenges Sagittarius Saturn making thoughts, perceptions and communication better done alone. Detailed, trustworthy and complex are the catchphrases.  Don’t work with others or sign contracts right now. No worries, though, as this is a fast-moving transit.

On the 28th, Capricorn Pluto goes direct after five months in retrograde. This happens every year and this year, the retrograde has been particularly difficult with the Jupiter challenge. It has been a time of self-investigation to root out excesses, greed or a crisis of faith or ideology. How did you do? Did you discover the source?  Did you take the opportunity to eliminate it?

If not, the re-stationing of Pluto tugs at these Plutonian tendencies. This planet is a catalyst for change, transformation and uncovering the darker aspects of self. So, you cannot escape the truth. Hiding doesn’t work now.

Also, Libra Jupiter opposes Aries Uranus today. You’ve been feeling this energy for the past ten months, so it’s not new. However, today it’s exact. There may be a wham.  Any unexpected or changing circumstance will be welcome right now. You’ll be seeking diversion with the Plutonian forces, so take care not to overdo any life-changing direction. Your urge for freedom will drive you to separate with any constraining forces. Family may be one of these.

The Libran-Arian opposition looks at self-determination versus cooperation with others. There’s a softening of assertiveness, a courageous look at love and an ability to take decisive action in a compromising fashion.  However, there’s also the opportunity that anger will override teamwork, aggression will overtake compromise and dithering will relieve any decisive leanings.

So, take care as Mercury also asks Uranus to make adjustments today. Thankfully, it’s quick and positive. The import of this activity occurs on the same day as Pluto stations direct and Jupiter opposes Uranus. Mercury will add to this mix by boosting extemporaneous ideas, introducing sudden bursts of perception and unusually life-altering perceptions. You may want to take action and change habits and routines if these ideas assist in the pushes from Pluto and Jupiter.

On the 30th, Venus now opposes Neptune, continuing this month’s tugs on Neptune. Hunker down in relationship, finances and partnerships. Don’t make any changes in relationship, take advantage of any too good to be true financial opportunities, or begin new partnerships right now.

As a finale, Mercury enters Libra on this last day of the month. The good news, this improves the Venus-Neptune combination, the less than good news, it slows decision-making and vacillates our mental energies. Fall into the diplomatic nature of this sign, though, to assist negotiations, compromise and seeing other points of view.

Monthly Stone:

Actualize healing in the stone of the month: BLACK OBSIDIAN.

Okay, black obsidian is no joke. This stone uncovers EVERYTHING. There is no hiding or avoiding when working with black obsidian. It will bring up everything ripe for resolution. It protects you as it absorbs any and all negative energy, yet it destroys everything no longer serving you. It’s fast-moving and all-encompassing.

So, to soften the effects, perhaps you could use either apache tear, snowflake or mahogany obsidian instead of the pure black stone.

The results are the same, the process is a bit gentler.

If you still want to use black obsidian, combine it with KUNZITE.  The kunzite is calming, tranquil and kind.

Other combination stones are RHODONITE or GARNET. Rhodonite will allow for self-love in a purposeful manner and garnet helps dissolve destructive patterns.

This is another month – on top of the last few you’ve just experienced.

It’s a lot.

Take time to be kind to yourself and your healing process. Reach out to others. Ask for support from your healing community.

Remember, you are loved beyond measure,