September 2018 - Kaleidoscope.


The expression this month is Kaleidoscope thinking. The question is: Will you allow a broadening and changing perspective to expand yourself or will you resist and deepen your hold on current circumstances?

The Tarot card is the Ace of Crystals – Brilliance.

The ace is about new beginnings and fresh starts. This can be exciting or anxiety-ridden, depending upon your perspective. Your mind bursts with activity this month as Mercury, in his own sign, zips around other celestial bodies igniting their energies against a backdrop of a few challenging and many supportive configurations.

The challenging ones involve relationships and value systems and the supportive ones include boldly stepping into your power, integrating your past and welcoming your unknown future.

Open your mind and focus your intention to allow yourself to see things from different views. Watch the mirrors of your life and see what’s being reflected back at you. Take stock, but move quickly about, not getting stuck in old habits, former routines or comfortable situations.

Breathe into new ways of seeing things and interacting with others or known circumstances. Be like a kaleidoscope turning the wheel to make different colors and shapes. Each turn delivers a new image filled with light patterns promising new possibility.

Ask yourself, “What else is possible?” as your mind shifts and expands with the new.

Regain your balance as your mind moves about through meditation, reflection and good old dialogue.

Know your role in your life and that you, and you alone, create everything around you.

What are you creating today? How are you interacting in your day-to-day world? Are you being true to yourself and expressing your gifts?

Recognize your magnificent talents and unique gifts as you choose to empower your majesty.

Manifest your dreams and visions. Discover the extraordinary possibilities as you create, communicate and realize your aspirations.

Expand your mind and go beyond all limits. Believe all things are possible and watch as it unfolds in your world.

Bottom Line: You are magical. Remember it. Choose it. Own it.


Week 1:

In the first week of September, Mercury is very active and, as he enters his own sign, is stirring things up.

On September 3rd, Mercury and Venus sex it up once again making you charming, affectionate and witty. There’s harmony in the air, so enjoy a few days of fun-loving and relaxing activities. It’s a social time and here in America, it’s Labor Day, so bask in the holiday.

On the 5th, Mercury enters Virgo and he loves it here. Virgo’s expression of Mercury is to let things be as complicated as they actually are and then pursue the details of these complications until they are perfectly clear. So, Virgo’s persnickety nature is completely energized with Mercury’s influence. Mercury also asks Mars for adjustments bringing impatience, heat and aggression to your communication. Take a deep breath before you react. Mercury moves fast, so let it go.

The next day, Mercury and Chiron are in delicate relations, adding wounding to your expression.  If you’re feeling the negative effects, be in service to others. Chiron responds positively and brings healing to you as you serve others.

On September 6, Saturn turns direct after 5 months in retrograde. Forward motion is here – finally! All of the twists, turns and roadblocks are lifted. Hopefully, you’ve spent time these last few months exploring kindness, responsibility and growth about your past and now are ready to move forward into your future.

On the 7th, Mercury sweeps through initiating a Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus, recreating a similar influence as the August Full Moon. Thought patterns, mental constructs and intuitive impressions leverage past experience and open you up to future endeavors.

The same evening, the Virgo Sun opposes retrograde Neptune in Pisces for confusion, insecurity and weaker defenses. Don’t give into the temptation to escape in unhealthy ways. Give yourself space to dream or intuit instead.

Week 2:

The second week bestows soft aspects with the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto and an expansion available with Neptune. Harder qualities reside between Venus, Uranus and Mars.  Overall, it provides opportunity for self-improvement and in relationship with others.

On the 8th, Libra Venus squares Capricorn Mars, both in cardinal signs, upsetting fragile relationships, but adding passion to strong ones as Venus moves into Scorpio the next morning. The waning influence of Venus gets a bit of a punch with the change of sign as Scorpio rules out of bounds Mars.

New Moon:

The New Moon on September 9th at 2:02 pm EDT is all about Virgo with the Sun, Moon and Mercury here. With the solar-lunar opposition to Neptune, this feels a bit like a Full Moon. The confusion, deception and insecurity influence is eased by 3 supportive energies; the Moon exciting Jupiter, the Moon in harmony with Pluto and Jupiter stimulating Pluto.

The vigorous Moon-Jupiter action brings good luck, fortune, happiness and faith into your world. You feel generous and enthusiastic, so clear your mind of the fog from Neptune to take advantage of this configuration.

The lunar harmony with Pluto gives you power, determination and self-confidence. You can be successful in making positive changes, creating wealth or stepping into leadership roles.

On the 10th, Mars moves back into Aquarius and will be here until mid-November. You’ll revisit your bid for freedom, individuality and courageous change. Your house signature of this transit will give you more information on the ways you may wish to claim your power.

The next day, the Sun enlivens Jupiter and tones Pluto. Talk about delicious. Good luck and beneficial happenings abound as you use your power and influence to transform for the better. Anything you try right now will work in your favor, so make sure it’s what you want!

On the 12th, Jupiter motivates Pluto for the last of 3 in the series this year. This combination began in January, continued in retrograde in April and culminates today. Things have been happening to move you to the next level. You would have gotten your first glimpse in mid-January. Think back to this time and see if you can remember anything opening up for you. It may have been unplanned and may have made you a bit uncomfortable, but a shift was occurring. In mid-April, you may have had another hint, but this time, it would have required refinement or redefinition with Pluto in retrograde.  This time, the discomfort was more noticeable. If you pushed through this and made strides forward throughout the summer, today is an absolutely wonderful day for you. Go for it – confidently and boldly!

Other influences occur on this day with Venus making two forces; one opposing Uranus and the other invigorating Saturn. Venus-Uranus dance around each other for the next three months presenting plenty of likelihood for changes in your love life, with your finances or in business. With the Venus-Saturn stimulus, you are looking for long-term, serious and committed relationships, excellent investments and good business opportunities. Balancing these influences creates tremendous occasion for positive happenings in these areas of your life. This balancing act isn’t the easiest and requires you to go with the flow while focusing on solidifying your role in relationships.

With Chiron in Aries, the link between Mars and Chiron is stronger than usual and on the 13th, these two celestial bodies excite each other. You have the ability to use the vitality and drive to heal your wounds. A sense of belonging and taking chances are upon you now.

Mercury opposes Neptune taking you to a similar influence as the New Moon. Thoughts, conversations and instinct gets a jolt of doubt. Meditate, create or spend time in nature to quiet Virgo and lean into Pisces. Neptune is retrograde, so realism gets a chance to come to the surface. Settle Mercury down and you may just be able to gain clarity.

Week 3:

The 3rd week of September is relatively quiet with one powerful astrological event and a few Mercurial and Venusian elements. The exact square between Mars and Uranus strikes again as it’s had conflicts since May of this year. It’s had 3 major peak times since then – May 12 – 19, July 28 – August 6 and September 17 – 22.

This happens every year, but typically it’s one time, not 3, and doesn’t involve the recent Uranus sign change and out of bounds, retrograde Mars. Each of these adds fuel to this hostile combination. Breaking the rules, going against convention and acting out are available expressions of this sequence. Yet, creative brilliance, dynamic breakthrough and innovative solutions are too.

Mercury continues to be busy as he harmonizes with Pluto on the 15th and then excites Jupiter the next day. The harmony is always welcome as Pluto does like to bring his gifts to the surface now and again. You’ll have power, influence and success of your side.

The Mercury-Jupiter stimulus on the 16th gives you mental super powers. Ideas, wit and negotiation skill abound. Take a strategic view, expand your horizons and plan for your future.

Also on this day, Venus in Scorpio confronts the North Node in Leo. These fixed signs are combative with Scorpio wanting deep and penetrating honesty and Leo desiring joy and generous expression. The synergies lie in the shared planetary energy of love, drama and intensity. Open your heart and allow yourself to trust your partners to navigate this combination successfully.

September 18th. Here is it again – the exact square between Aquarius Mars and Taurus Uranus. Two more fixed signs. Two BIG planets. It’s signature bears repeating as it’s hit exact 3 times this year with this one going out with a bang. It’s a bit of a last chance, especially as the nodes are going to be switching signs in a handful of weeks. Mars, still out of bounds, but now direct, absolutely begs Uranus to take action to give you freedom and with the nodal axis of Aquarius-Leo, it’s all about authenticity. You have the opportunity to revisit your value proposition from May. What do you value – truly and deeply? Mars and Uranus are clunky right now, so this doesn’t feel smooth, yet the jarring could be just what you need to ignore social norms and cultural expectations to become true to you. True to you. That’s a statement worth repeating.  What’s your truth?  Who are you really and what do you value?

On the 20th, Mercury kisses the Sun. Picture it. Envision Mercury, fast of feet, speeding by the Sun and giving him a kiss. I love this imagery. As he throws this kiss, he sparks conversations, says something witty and otherwise makes you want to do everything mental – thoughts, conversations and impressions. Although he’s quick, it’ a bright, buoyant and sunny time.

Week 4:

The last week of September is very active with an Equinox, Full Moon and lots of planetary movements, including Mars coming back into bounds and Pluto turning direct.

Mercury is the first to move as he enters Libra on the 21st, becoming peaceful or filled with justice-driven thoughts. It all depends upon where you put your mental energies. Do you need thoughtful fortitude in advocacy for others or do you require mental calm to ease your days? This Mercury blend is also about relationships. As you’ve allowed your mind to open these last few weeks, look at your relationships. What do you think?

Because the next day, Mercury opposes Chiron, making you lean into wounding in your relationships with others. He also asks Taurian Uranus for adjustments. How have you chosen others over yourself? How do you change your perspective in your relationships to value yourself as much as them?  Are you comfortable or expected to be the victim in relationships? This is mental energy, so may or may not be real. Ask yourself, is this true or am I just thinking it right now? Look at the actions of others. See how they make you feel. Realize how they are treating you – in real terms.

The 23rd is active with the Sun entering Libra to celebrate the Equinox as it opposes Chiron and Mercury squares Saturn and tones Mars to set up the Full Moon on the next day.

But first, the 23rd – the Equinox. On the surface, equinoxes are about balance as the amount of daylight equals the amount of starlight. This is still true, however, going deeper, you can tease out specifics based on other happenings in the sky.

At the time the Sun enters Libra, 9:54 pm EDT, the watery Moon is making beautiful harmony with Venus. This feels good - peaceful, romantic and dreamy. With the other energies from Mars and Saturn, committed relationships, strong friendships and loyal family relationships get added benefit. Bask in it. It’s the weekend. Make a date, socialize or host a small dinner party.

Full Moon:

The Full Moon on the 24th at 10:54 am EDT extends the natural tension between Libra and Aries. As with any Libra-Aries opposition, this is about the self in relationship. The Sun and the Moon bring it closer to home as it’s about you at the core – your identity and your heart.

There are other energies in the mix, Chiron opposing the Sun, the Sun and Moon confronting Saturn, and Mercury being close enough to all of this to bring in your mental constructs.

In addition, Uranus is a backdrop to all of this as it tones Saturn, but exacerbates Mars. The Sun harmonizes Mars as the Moon excites him into action, giving Mars a triple dose.

So, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and Uranus – did I miss anything? How do you successfully navigate all of these energies?

Know you have support to choose yourself, to express yourself and to know yourself at your core. You can lean into the Libra-Aries remedies to help you.

  • If you’re feeling indecisive, let Aries give you the directness to make sound decisions.
  • If you allow others to walk all over you, let Aries lend you the right use of force to gain back your power.
  • If you have a situation requiring compromise, let Libra step into the negotiations for a win-win.
  • If you’re feeling fearful, breathe in the love of Libra.
  • If you need support, allow Aries to come forth to ask for it and add Libra for effective teamwork.

With the nodes still in Leo and Aquarius, this Full Moon assists you in being true to yourself, yet also allowing others in for quality relationships. Bottom line: It’s about balance between you and others. It’s about equity in partnerships. Hmm…sounds a bit like an Equinox.

Retrograde Chiron reenters Pisces on the 25th, where he’ll remain until February 17, 2019. The collective consciousness gets another dip to gather the connection, creativity and spirituality of Pisces before it has to actuate it with Aries once again.  This occurs while the Sun directly confronts Saturn on this day. The cardinal nature of these signs as well as the beginning degree of 2 makes this about fresh starts and new beginnings. This is difficult as Saturn is restricting you by asking you if you really want to step forward. Saturn is a tough task master, so this isn’t helpful at the outset. Over time, you realize it’s all for the better, but right now, yuck. The good news, this happens a few times a year and the Sun is relatively fast moving. Exercise patience, focus on your long-term goals and roll up your sleeves and dive right in.  Saturn always rewards hard work.

Mars and the Sun interact with the Leo North Node on the 26th and 27th respectively. Mars opposes and the Sun excites it. Garner this influence if you haven’t already recognized, allowed and developed your authentic expression.

The Sun moves into harmony with Mars as he comes back into bounds. Phew. This has been a long 3 months. Here’s the boost to start something new with confidence, drive and vitality. You only had to wait 2 days. Well, actually many months with all of the retrogrades and Saturn and Uranus confrontations. But hey – forward motion is upon you now.

On the last day of the month, Pluto turns direct, leaving only Neptune and Uranus still in retrograde. Neptune will be so until November 24th and Uranus until January 6, 2019.

Remember Pluto has a heart on her side as discovered by NASA last year. (I’m finding Pluto to be incredibly feminine versus masculine. She seems more scorpionic than martial to me.)Look to love, life mission and value and ask Pluto to help you with each.

Pluto turning direct allows for more external expression of transformation and gives breath to her watery depths. This will be a relief after this intense summer.

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Fuchsite.

Fuchsite is the perfect stone for the month as it is known as a wish stone. Wishing and dreaming are upon you now as you ride the kaleidoscope of changing views. Breathe into fuchsite to help you recognize your true desires and give you strength to pursue your dreams.

Fuchsite links intelligence between the mind and the heart creating awareness of your interaction with others, boosting your self-worth and enhancing flexibility.

This stone is incredibly supportive as it manifests miracles and brings you joy. It’s relaxing and will help calm Virgo and facilitate Libra this month.

Use fuchsite when you’re needing support.

Make your wishes come true and your dreams a reality.


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,