September Full Moon - Burst Forth


The Libra-Aries Full Moon on the 24th at 10:54 pm EDT involves Saturn in tight tension with both the Sun and Moon and includes Mercury, Mars, Chiron and Uranus. So, it’s a lot. All of these planets are in the very beginning degrees of their respective signs – 0, 1, 2, 3. So, think new beginnings, fresh starts and different perspectives. Also, they’re all in cardinal signs, with the exception of Mars in Aquarius, so super emphasis on the NEW, FRESH, and DIFFERENT.

For you - it’s about bursting forth, breaking out and starting new.

What have you thought about doing? What changes have you been contemplating? Where have you felt held-back, tied-down or less than?

Use this Full Moon to burst forth and step into the new you.

The less than stellar aspects revolve around Saturn. There’s literally confrontation, pressure and stress in your being life and feeling one. Ugh. Your identity is being called forward for review. Who are you? What do you want and what are you willing to do to get what you want? That’s the key – what are you willing to do to achieve your very best life?

Your emotions are awash with isolating, realistic impulses and unmitigated fears. Maturity meets your inner child. You’re being forced to look at your past with a wisdom, bringing awareness to the surface for healing and release.

The Sun-Moon combination stimulates how you interact in relationship. There’s tension between self-determination and cooperation. The friction provides opportunity for you to define your role in all of your connections. Are you healthy in relationship? Do you have true partnerships? Equal give and take in exchanges?

Coming on the heels of the Equinox, the balancing act is about courage and peace and the negotiation between the two. With the air quality of Libra and the fire one of Aries, there’s energy to fuel your own fire to propel you forward.

As the Sun asks Uranus for adjustments, you have the ability to make small changes in your routine and the flexibility to go with the flow. As Mars is still in square with Uranus, you have the bravery, energy and ambition to make positive change in your life.

The supportive energies are just as strong giving you the initiative, fortitude and ambition to positively change your world.

With the Moon kissing Chiron in Aries, any inner child or past wounding is ripe for processing and releasing now. With the Moon exciting Mars, you are jazzed to do this. Seriously, you’re ready to lean into your own healing.

The Sun and Mercury harmonize Mars, all in air signs, lifting your thoughts, birthing new ideas and giving you confidence, charisma and gravitas. This is a fabulous time to tackle any task or start something new.

Lastly, the toning of Saturn with Uranus continues in earthly signs. These planets haven’t been exact since 2017, but the impact is still strong. These planets yearn for transformation of your past to embrace your future.

All of the challenges of this Full Moon provide you with the opportunity for breaking away from limiting ideas, beliefs and conditions in relation to others. It’s always important to note that you are the common denominator in any relationship. So, what changes do you want to make within and without?

Again, you have the opportunity to be brave and pursue freedom.


As always, wishing you joy,