September New Moon: Empowerment


Thankfully, Jupiter and Pluto are supporting the New Moon on September 9th at 2:02 pm EDT. It’s true this New Moon is all about Virgo with the Sun, Moon and Mercury here. However, there are two challenges to this energy – Venus opposing Uranus and Neptune opposing the trifecta in Virgo. So, thankfully, Jupiter and Pluto are in the mix. I know, it’s somewhat surprising. It’s not often I say, “Phew, thankfully Pluto’s in the mix.”

But yay – Pluto. Let’s give this planet her due.

The reasons you need this support? Venus and Uranus are opposing each other and Neptune is mucking things up a bit as he’s opposite the Sun-Moon blend.

Firstly, the strongest energy during this New Moon is the Neptune opposition to the Sun-Moon merger. Here, Neptune lends confusion, insecurity, discouragement and even deception. Yikes.

It feels super cloudy, hazy and foggy. Your heart and mind are going to be wonky with misconceptions about others. You won’t be able to read their intentions or gauge your interactions. This is a sneaky, secretive, gossipy and scandalous time. The trick to handling this? Go inward as you know this is really about you anyway. It’s not about them – it never is.

The sign characteristics are Neptune in Pisces, his own sign, and the Sun-Moon in Virgo making another pass at the Pisces-Virgo configuration. Again, it’s about the magical and the practical. Can you integrate the two seamlessly in everyday life? Or do the mundane day-to-day responsibilities overwhelm your time and energy? Does your ego take the helm pushing you toward being relevant and controlling or can you transcend to connect to your higher self?  In August, this question revolved around safety and security, now it’s about choice. What do you choose?

Additionally, Venus is opposite Uranus. It’s exact on the 12th, so the energy is building with a 2-degree orb during this New Moon. This combination makes you strive for freedom in relationship and finances with possible unexpected changes in either category. These changes may be positive or negative depending upon your position and outlook in each.

Venus has just entered Scorpio, so is searching for depth, intensity and emotional outburst when she normally wouldn’t be striving for any of these things.  With the Neptunian opposition, you may become lost in the everyday dramatic dealings with others.

I urge you not to succumb.

I urge you to lean into your knowing.

I urge you to dive deeply.

You have abundant opportunity to do so with the Jupiter-Pluto influences. Jupiter is exciting the Sun-Moon blend as well as Pluto, while the Sun-Moon combination is harmonizing with Pluto.

You love this. Jupiter brings good luck, fortune, happiness and faith into your world in both feelings and Beingness. You feel optimistic, confident and jubilant.  You realize your gifts and talents and want to express them in the world.

The New Moon harmony with Pluto gives you power, determination and more self-confidence. You can be successful in making positive changes, creating wealth and stepping into your own dominion.

So, what’s the key to all of this?

Lean into Pluto.

Pluto is the key.

What does she want you to do?

Go deep. Explore. Embrace your wholeness. Express yourself honestly and unapologetically.

Feel your passions. Explore your knowing, your instincts and your intuition. Ask for what you want, need and desire.

Embrace yourself, particularly your uniqueness.

Pluto is about transformation.

She wants you to be totally, wholly and uniquely you.

Do this with her support during this New Moon.

Be you – truly and deeply.

This is about choice.

Choose you – all of you.

Pluto’s here.


As always, wishing you joy,