Spiritual Closet


“I thought I came out of the spiritual closet last year with the launching of my website, but then I realized I actually hadn’t.” I say to another astrologer at a recent soulmate class, “I really came out this spring when I stated my intuitive work at a business networking group.” “Then, I had a few mothers of Katy’s friends join us for a Sun & Moon party and one of my play-and-learn events. NOW, I’ve really come out of the spiritual closet.”

So, here I am – doing intuitive strategy work, talking about my trip to San Diego for an astrology class and announcing my make magic play-and-learn series on Facebook.



This is terrifying.

So, I think about it and review my recent past.

Launching the website felt like a really big deal, but it wasn’t as I hadn’t actually marketed it at all.

Yes, it was a step and a steep one, but as I didn’t let a large number of people know about it, was it actually a big deal at all?

Then, I created a brochure. Now, that’s a step.

But wait, was it?

I still have tons of them sitting in a drawer. So, how big of a step?

Now, I’m doing a bit of marketing for my play-and-learn events and summer solstice Goddess celebration.

Hmmm…is this a big step?

It feels like it, but I bet it’s actually not.

So, I think about this some more.

Maybe, I’m coming out of the spiritual closet little by little.

Perhaps, I’m taking baby steps to get my bearings and find my footing as I go.

Then, once I feel comfortable, I take another step and then another.

If I keep taking steps, I must be moving in the right direction.


Even if the steps are little, infinitesimal really, they still count, don’t they?

I think. I ponder.

I ruminate. I mull.

Yes, I decide – even the tiniest step is still a step.

So, I announce a few more offerings, such as energy clearing and building for businesses, and begin my preparation to start relationship astrology readings.

And now, here I am, writing about coming out of the spiritual closet.

I am coming out of the spiritual closet.

I’ll say it again, louder this time, “I AM COMING OUT OF THE SPIRITUAL CLOSET.”

A closet I have been in for many lifetimes.

One where I’ve been safe and kept others safe as well.

One where no one has been able to really see me for a millennium or more.

But now?

Now, I’m out.

So, I take a deep breath as I announce, “Here I am – an intuitive strategist, not a business one, but an intuitive one.”

And, I am out of the spiritual closet.

Wow, that feels liberating.

Admittedly a little scary, but liberating as well.

Why am I sharing this?

For a few reasons:

1. As I weave and deepen the intuitive aspects, I’m still grounded in the business, family life and practical ones. So, I provide a bridge between the practical and spiritual sides of life. 2. When you read things as they unfold, you can know, ‘Oh here’s just another piece of this work.’ Things are moving into the psychic and medium realms, slowly, but moving all of the same. 3. If you have any inclination of doing spiritual pursuit, you know there is someone else, tentatively, hesitantly, and slowly unwinding this in her life as well. Now is the time. This work has ripened and the world is ready.

We spiritual advisors are coming into our own. It’s a movement of sorts as everyone I speak to who is doing this work, is spooling it out as well. Some faster than others, but the spooling feels the same.

So, now you know.

For those who are interested in spiritual pursuits, welcome, you are in good hands.

I am here to introduce, teach and demonstrate how intuitive living can fit very nicely into your everyday life.

I can show you how to build a strong inner life to ride the waves of the craziness going on around you.

I can intuit your right life mission, soulmate or best strategy for living your life to your fullest potential.

I take a deep breath.

I tentatively look around.

The earth isn’t shaking, the wind isn’t howling and thunder and lightning hasn’t exploded out of the sky.

Things seem to be very much the same.

All appears normal.

All is good.

Okay, my bearings are set and my feet are firmly planted.

I take another deep breath and announce, “I am an intuitive strategist, astrologer, and author; and just wait until you hear my new guided meditations and view my new on-line program series coming out this summer.”

As always, wishing you joy,

Kim The Intuitive Strategist