The Dark.


Just now, I exchange texts with a dear soul sister and close my message with, “…monsters lurking in the dark – what f*#$ing nonsense.” Yes.

A few minutes ago.

I say it - complete with expletives.

And I mean every word.

I’m aggravated as the two of us have been cleaning up after a few local practitioners for months now and I’ve had enough.

I’ve had enough of practitioners ignoring the dark.

I’ve had enough of practitioners not working on their own stuff.

I’ve had enough of practitioners scaring their clients because they themselves don’t know the dark.

Here’s the deal.

Darkness is a part of life.

Any practitioner who says otherwise is ignoring half of life.

Any practitioner who’s chasing the light and only the light is not serving themselves or others.

Any practitioner who’s scared of the dark needs to take a deep breath, put on his/her big ‘boy/girl’ pants and start unpacking.


We all came here wounded and we all have an evolutionary purpose.

It’s to heal ourselves.

We’re here to heal ourselves.

And by doing so, we heal others.

And then by doing that, we heal the planet.

In our own unique ways.

So, practitioners?

You’re here to heal yourself.

You’re here to heal yourself first and THEN heal others.

If you’re ignoring your own stuff, you’re actually doing harm to others.

If you don’t know about something or it hasn’t come up yet – that’s entirely different.

I’m talking about ignoring your stuff or running away from it. Then telling people the dark either doesn’t exist or there are big f&(*@ monsters in the dark and scaring the crap out of them.


Yes, the dark can be scary.

Yes, the dark may be intimidating.

Yes, the dark feels unknown, so it’s uncomfortable.

So, practitioners?

You’ve hung out your shingle and are helping others. And, darkness is part of it. If you can’t handle yours, you certainly can’t handle theirs.

So, either stop ‘helping’ others or handle your own darkness.

Because guess what?

It’s just the dark.

If you’re scared, hold someone’s hand.

If you’re intimidated, get help.

If you’re uncomfortable, use your spiritual tools – go to yoga, meditate, breathe, call on the Goddess or go on a shamanic journey.

Seriously, you have the tools – use them.

In the world of duality, darkness and light travel together.

You can’t possibly have the light without the dark.

You can’t have good without evil.

You can’t have heaven without the underworld.

It just doesn’t happen.

It can’t.

It’s goes against Universal Law.

Also, the darkness?

The darkness is where the white magic is.

The darkness is pure potential.

Out of the darkness ALL of creation is built.

So, practitioner’s you have a responsibility.

Heal thyself.

Delve into the deepest and darkest regions of your soul.

Capture your wholeness.

If you need help – go get it.



And clients?

You have a responsibility too.

Be discerning.

Have an expert healing TEAM.

Don’t believe it when someone says,

“Oh, it’s all about the light.”

“I have no idea what’s going on in the world, because I’m spiritual.”

“I completely healed and am only in service to the planet now.”

Seriously, that’s just plain BS.

Everyone is healing.

Every single one of us.

Because guess what?

As we heal our karma, more comes up for healing.

The healing process never stops.

Evolution moves - always.

It has to as it’s another Universal Law.

So, celebrate the dark as much as you celebrate the light.

Explore to find your wholeness – take a friend or two.

Put on your spiritual & psychological tools and start digging.

As you dig, you’ll find gold.

Pure, profound, absolute golden nuggets.

What’s the gold?

It’s you.

It’s your power.

It’s your magic.

It’s there in the darkness as you bring it into the light.

It’s in the wholeness.

The wholeness of you.

So, monsters?

No, I don’t think so.


As always, wishing you joy,