For 20-somethings, you’re facing a great deal of stress due to student loans, a good deal of pressure to perform in a chosen field and tremendous weight from the outside influences of family and friends.

  • We relieve the stress of having to determine your entire life in this moment as we break things down into manageable and attainable pieces.
  • We perform budgets, establish financial goals and pursue the most appropriate course of action given your experience and academic background.
  • We identify your life mission through your astrological chart, discuss your strengths and resources, determine your routines, and layout the most logical pathway to achieve success in your work.
  • We speak to your heart’s desires, explore ways to reach calm, and identify talents to leverage in your own journey.
  • We build your inner life by teaching you to tap into your intuition, to rely on your gut instinct and to know yourself deeply and intimately. Strengthening your inner life helps solidify your outer world.