Uranus in Taurus - May 15th, 2018


The Great Awakener meets Lasting Value On May 15th at 1:24 p.m. Uranus ♅ enters Taurus ♉, the first time this planet has entered a new sign since 2011. Uranus is the shock-and-awe planet. He comes in with a bang. There’s nothing subtle about how he interacts in the cosmos.

What does he signify?

Uranus is electric. He symbolizes technology, innovation, discovery and progressive change. He rules science, genius and creativity. He’s all about breakthrough and revolution. He shakes things up as he goes against the status quo. He’s wild and unpredictable.

He’s known as the Great Awakener.

Uranus is the key to aliveness as he reminds you of your true nature and frees you from limiting beliefs, cultural norms and social constraints.

He’s also a wonderful healer. He allows electricity to run through the bodies of energy healers. He heals you directly by bringing your future to you now.

Taurus follows Aries as this sign creates lasting value from the chaos erupted during the Aries cycle. Let’s look at the attributes of Taurus first and then explore the changes wrought in the latest Aries’ cycle.

Who is Taurus? (excerpt from new moon message)

Taurus is a female sign and an earthly one – the wholeness of the feminine power made real in the world.  Her archetypes are the Earth spirit, the musician and the silent one. She likes stability, security and the creature comforts. She seeks luxury and a position of status in her life. She’s traditional, determined, dignified and a protector of art and beauty. She loves the land and the environment. She appreciates the natural world and loves animals.

Her symbol is the bull as she’s fixed, stubborn and lasting. She’s also regal, fertile and powerful. The bull symbolizes abundance, strong will and prosperous times.

Taurus is ruled by Venus - the Goddess of love. Venus is discerning as she seeks her mate for intimacy and commitment. She thrives on relationship, striving to attract and connect with others. She’s aligned with art and beauty. She also loves calm, peace and harmony. She knows her own value and what she brings to anyone in her sphere. She’s out of bounds right now, so is really stressing these tendencies.

Along the zodiac, Taurus is the reward for the efforts begun in the sign of Aries. Taurus luxuriates, comforts, soothes and solidifies.

As for specific dates, Uranus enters Taurus on May 15, 2018 until November 6, 2018 and then treks back into Aries until March 5, 2019 to remain in Taurus until July 7, 2025. Uranus then enters Gemini until November 2025 making his final return pass into Taurus from November 8, 2025 – April 26, 2026.

The retrograde nature of the outer planets give them the ability to begin in one sign, return to the previous and then reenter the new sign once again.

This gives more than one opportunity for the planet to create impact on the cusp of the new sign. In the case of 2011, Uranus’ impact is much greater on the second pass of Aries than on the first.

This could be true for 2018 and 2019 as well. Perhaps this first pass is a glimpse of what’s to come in March of next year.

Impact for the World:

Uranus enters Taurus on the same day as the New Moon in Taurus, giving a boost to the possibility of new beginnings. Additionally, Mars challenges him adding fuel to his rebellious energy.

This is not going to be a quiet or subtle event.

What area will Uranus effect?

Let’s look back to Uranus’ last entry into a new sign on March 11, 2011 - the day of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown, ranking as the 5th worst earthquake in history. The good news for May 15th is this was Uranus’ 2nd pass into Aries as his first entry was on May 27, 2010. Although, there are other natural disasters surrounding the May 10th date, such as; the Haitian earthquake in January and the BP oil disaster in April, none hit on exactly the date of Uranus entering Aries for the first time in this cycle.

As Uranus in Taurus may create lasting change from the events of Uranus in Aries, let’s look at the following highlights

Environmental disasters - BP oil explosion, Japan earthquake and tsunami, global population reaches 7B in 2011,  droughts, wildfires, floods, typhoons, earthquakes and hurricanes reach epic proportions across the globe.

Scientific breakthroughs - Cure for macular degeneration, AI lifeforms, synthetic organ transplants, commercial spaceport and private space shuttle launches, consumer level robotics, exploration of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, China's first moon landing, laser guns for naval use, Ebola outbreak, electric cars reach 1M, personal genome sequencing, Flint water crisis in US, China undergoes largest environmental clean up in history and web-connected devices exceed world population.

Political and cultural shifts - 2010 midterm elections in US with biggest shift since Great Depression, Arab spring, Occupy Wall Street in US, ISIS rising, Crimea annex, Syria crisis, document leaks and online hacking escalate, Paris Climate Accord, US-Cuba relations, Iran nuclear deal, ISIS attacks in Paris, Turkey, Sinai, San Bernardino, CA, London, Spain and NYC, US mass gun shootings in Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas, Texas and Parkland, Brexit, election tampering in US, racial tensions escalate in US and #MeToo movement on sexual harassment in US.

There are many environmental, scientific and political happenings to choose from in looking forward into the next seven years.

As history repeats itself, the last time Uranus entered Taurus was in 1934 and the time before that was in 1850.  Both times are indicative of incredible change in the world. Uranus spends about 7 years in a sign, so 1934 – 1941 and 1850 – 1857. The chronological first is at the height of the Industrial Revolution and the next is the Great Depression and World War II.

The Industrial revolution changes the way people work and live by moving them into the cities and buildings and away from farms and pastures.

The Great Depression is fully in swing by the time Uranus enters Taurus, so the impact is about making lasting change. It’s one of banking regulation and social programs. However, the war transforms the way women live by putting them into factories and jobs while their husbands, brothers and fathers are fighting.

In 2018 and 2019, what changes will Uranus in Taurus bring?

Financial Markets – Changes in banking, financial systems and currency. The value of investments, long-term stability and what creates lasting value come into play. Expect volatility for the next few years as things shift into the new.

Environment – Sustainability will be the mantra. Taurus loves the environment and Uranus loves bringing about innovation and change for the greater good. The recent breakdown of US support for climate change and the environment will shift. Grassroots organizations, scientific breakthroughs and government investment will support Mother Earth and her mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

Scientific Innovation –Expect artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and the weaving of artificial and natural organs to exponentially make major strides. Space exploration and discovery will also gain ground.   

Technology & Culture – Privacy and access are issues across the world as the internet-connected devices exceed the world population. The laws need to catch up. Uranus will shake things up in this area. Regulation and lasting change may result.

Social Reform – Racial tensions in the US, emigration in Europe and stability in Africa need to improve. People have the opportunity to gain awareness, understand diversity and reach across the divide to heal past oppression, perceived differences and lack of resources.

Political constructs – Duality and polarization approach extremes creating outbreaks, sometimes violent ones. Taurus may calm the escalation, however, vigilance is required to create lasting positive change.

Food and water – Worldwide food ownership and water supplies and distribution will get complete overhauls. Desalinization of water in the first world and clean water access in developing countries will reach critical levels within the next few years. Food ownership in the US and distribution worldwide is too tightly controlled by too few. Innovation and grassroots efforts are required to handle these growing crises.

This all feels ominous.

Quite frankly, it is.

The first world population awakens and its former complacency no longer works. Taurus won’t help unless jarred and Uranus will do his best. Waking up sooner rather than later will provide the greatest relief and best course of action.

You know the term “pay me now or pay me later.”

Uranus arrives for payment.

Impact for You:

Uranus is delivering the future to you now. In what ways are you:

  • Paying too much for safety and security?
  • Limiting yourself due to social norms or cultural constraints?
  • Creating imbalance in your life?

Uranus is going to change your life whether you welcome it or not. Taurus represents stability in money, real estate, resources, art and beauty. She symbolizes the body, health and wellness. This sign relates to women and the natural world. She involves the environment, specifically the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

How does this relate to you?

Financial security, individual freedom and health and wellness are the fore. If you’re a woman, every aspect of your life is up for change.

How do you imagine your future? Picture yourself 1, 3 or 5 years from now – what do you see?

Uranus can generate all of the positive changes for you. He’s impatient, a little like a bull in a china closet. But, he brings your future to you. NOW.

He lacks grace, patience and kindness, yet is always for your greatest good. Remember that through any discomfort.

On the practical level, Taurus is about security, comfort and luxury. She’s about status and position. On a more esoteric level, she’s all about value.

Uranus brings change, so think about what matters to you. Get really clear about what you’re willing to do to have the things you value in your life.

The combination of Uranus and Taurus is asking you to wake up to what’s really important to you.

What do you value in your life? What are your priorities? How do you spend your time and resources?

Are these in line with your soul yearnings and heart’s desires? Do they give you the individuality and freedom to live authentically and unapologetically on your soul path?

Uranus is the awakener. Taurus is about value.

Hear the whisperings of your soul.

Listen to your heart.

Change is upon you now.

It’s up to you how you deal with it.


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,