Venus Retrograde - How Green Are You?


“Humans are crazy. Do you think lizards lay around all day and look at other lizards and say, ‘Oh, I’m greener than you?’” My daughter Katy, son Nick and I are having a marathon discussion about high school, college and beyond. Our conversation has run the gamut and Nick’s statement shocks us with its insightfulness and raw truth. A 17-year old guy talking about lizards in perfect alignment with our comments makes Katy and I look at each other agape. He’s so right. We humans are crazy.

Just how crazy are we? Let’s see.

We constantly want to make sure we’re in lock-step with everyone else. If we’re the same, then it must be right. More sameness is better. We say we like diversity, yet strive for homogeneity. Let’s take a look:

  • Since everyone’s applying to a ton of colleges, we should too.
  • Most kids do a lot of activities, so we need to make sure ours are also fully scheduled.
  • If they just took a trip to Europe, we plan that (or something better) for our next vacation.
  • Overall, the time to settle down is X, to get married is Y and to have children is Z.
  • Home ownership is for everyone – oh and the bigger, the better.

This pursuit of sameness is insane, but it gets worse.

We also constantly compare ourselves to others to make sure we measure up. Because if they have or do something we don’t, then there must be something wrong with us.

  • “Why do they have it so easy?”
  • “She’s always out with friends. She has so much more fun than me.”
  • “Why do sales come so easily to him?”
  • “Look at their pictures. Their teenagers seem to want to be with them. Why don’t ours?”
  • “They’re always travelling. They have the best life.”
  • “We’re in the same business, why do her products sell better than mine?”

On and on and on…if we deem ourselves ahead, we bask in our achievements. If we decide we’re behind, we fret, rationalize and judge our position. In relation to what, by the way?

We make life a relentless and depressing competition. Our thoughts and conversations return again and again to our perceptions of other’s lives.

We compare.

We compete.

We find ourselves wanting.

That’s the key. When we constantly use others as a measuring stick, we come up less than. It’s inevitable when you think about it.

How does a lizard know if he’s greener than the next guy? Can he see how green he himself is? Hmm…probably not.

It’s the same for people. How can we know how green we are?

Well, here comes Venus. (I bet you’re wondering given the title and image).

Here she comes and goes retrograde – in SCORPIO. Yup, capital letters.

Venus tells us if we feel attractive enough and loved enough. Basically, she tells us if we’re green enough.

Retrograde Venus asks us to look inward to see our value and in Scorpio, she does this uncomfortably with DIRE honesty, DEEP penetration and an INTENSE eye that doesn’t miss a thing. She’s going to put a mirror in our hands and make us she ourselves without any glamour. No trappings. No guile.

Sounds fun, right?

Well, it’s not. It’s not because we’ve been spending our time looking at everyone else and not at ourselves. We’ve been comparing and competing to determine whether are attractive enough, loved enough and good enough. Are we green enough?

Even if we’re on our spiritual journey, discovering our true purpose or working on ourselves – whatever the terms, we still look externally. It’s natural. It’s the human condition. We just can’t help ourselves.

Well on Friday, October 5th at 3:05 pm EDT, time's up. We’re going to find out just how green we are.

The last time Venus stations retrograde in Scorpio is 8 years ago from October 8th – November 18th, 2010. The time before that is October 10th to November 21st, 2002, again every 8 years. Another interesting note of Venus’ retrograde cycle is a five-petal flower, so she spends her retrograde periods along five zodiac signs. The Scorpio configuration will remain so until 2050 or so. It’s noted that this year is our third time this century, so let’s make it count.

What does it mean when Venus stations retrograde in Scorpio? The intense light of Venus burns a bit too brightly here. Her light amplifies with the intensity of this powerhouse.  She accesses her depth in this sign like no other.

  • In love, Venus reaches pure intimacy and abiding love or lust, indulgence and passion.
  • In art, she’s raw, extreme and powerful.
  • In beauty, she’s dramatic, vibrant and edgy.
  • In compromise, she’s relentless, unforgiving and selfish.
  • In calm, she’s dismissive, irreverent and obstinate.
  • In discernment, she’s cutting, cocky and final.
  • In money matters, she’s honest, probing and unyielding.
  • In intrinsic value, she’s prying, curious and analytical.

There’s no stone left unturned after the 26-day period of Scorpio Venus retrograde. It’s ironic she ends the Scorpionic portion of her retrograde period on All Hallow’s Eve when the veil is the thinnest all year. So far, we’ve outlined how Venus is impacted by Scorpio, but now let’s explore how Scorpio is affected by Venus.

  • In the mysteries, Scorpio is intuitive, welcoming and soulful.
  • In healing, she’s serene, private and powerful.
  • In sex, she’s seductive, passionate and fiery.
  • In transformation, she’s bright, bold and beautiful.
  • In death, she’s dazzling, vulnerable and brilliant.
  • In wealth, she’s committed, possessive and instinctive.
  • In power, she’s fair, charming and hypnotic.
  • In life, she’s wise, aware and knows her self-worth.

To gain more information about how Venus affects you directly due to your sign and house, past life and other astrological ingredients, get a reading. I'm here to help.

There’s opportunity to be honest with yourself, to cut through self-deception and to discover your true value. We keep coming back to it – true value.

There’s a reason for this; when we each align with our true selves and allow ourselves to shine openly, we achieve heaven on earth. Yup. Heaven on Earth.

Think about it. Imagine a world where every person fully knows themselves, completely accepts themselves and operates independently of another’s position in life. This all happens with deep and penetrating honesty. It may be too much, however, under the honesty microscope.

Thankfully, Libra enters the scene.

It’s the beginning of November and Venus retrogrades into Libra for the next 15 days. Libra is Venus’ sign, so she loves it here. She’s at home and ready to assess the revelations from Scorpio. With Venus in Libra, the reflective pool is smooth, peaceful and well-lit. Yet, there could be shock upon reentry into the world.

Libra is all about relationships, so our inner worlds become known in our relationships with others. Are our deepest desires being met? Do we understand the power of vulnerability in love? Do we appreciate how to harness the magical realm in everyday life? Has our awareness strengthened regarding our wealth and abundance? Have we fully integrated our true selves to know the value we bring to others?

The key here is to stay on course and allow our cores to shine outwardly into the world for all to see. It’s to be true to ourselves in relationships. It’s to recognize that we are here on this Earth to connect with others and to do so in pure alignment and integrity.


In other words, do we know how green we are?

We’re the greenest our lives have to offer.

We’re the greenest we can possibly be.

We’re the greenest of greens.

As always, wishing you joy,