Weaving Practical and Magical


“Your healer is right when she says you need to get out of the situation,” I say to a client last week, “but you also need to access how you’re going to do it.” “Yes, your energy worker is absolutely correct when she says you need to quit your job for your overall wellbeing. As she’s a healer, she’s thinking of the result. I’m a strategist. I’m accessing the right process. I’m looking at the best way to get you from here to there.”

“I agree you need to break off all interaction with your ex-boyfriend. Yes, you do AND - what support do you need to do it? You’re a kind and gracious person. What support do you need to do this in alignment with who you are?”

I realize I’m having similar conversations with a number of my clients.

I wonder if there’s an underlying message.

As an intuitive strategist, I introduce a lot of my clients to the intuitive world and this world includes energy workers.

I mull about the energy healing community in which I operate.

I only refer to the very best workers and know each is absolutely gifted in what he or she does.

So, the message doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the referrals themselves.

As this isn't the message, I ponder whether I’m supposed to also be doing energy work.

I offer flower essences and crystal information to support clients with the meanings from either the Tarot or astrology. This provides a bit of support, but nothing in the way of deep energetic movement. Certainly, I’m not of the caliber of the energy healing community I engage.

I mull.

I tried the one-on-one healing work several years ago and felt out of alignment with the lack of dialogue and the overall conversational disengagement.

I’m a messenger and as such my words matter. Words and energy work doesn’t go together in the way of hands-on healing.

So, hands-on healing doesn’t seem to be of import.

I think some more.

I reflect.

I meditate.

The word weaving has been prevalent in my recent word bank.


The word swirls around my head.


I have an ‘AHA’ moment.

Of course.

I’ve always been a bridge between everyday life and the spiritual world.

  • We've attended alternative schools versus traditional ones.
  • We've always gone to a homeopath versus a conventional doctor.
  • We've integrated Feng Shui into our home and business at the expense of caustic comments from family.

Of course.

I'm a strategist and as such have always helped people get from here to there.

  • Strategy involves seeing the best expression of a person or business and developing a pathway from the present situation to the desired result.
  • Strategy involves holding the highest potential for a client until that person realizes and owns it.
  • Strategy involves dealing with the tension between the requirements of daily life and the 30,000-foot version of your new world.

Of course.

The weave makes so much sense.

Of course, I would be a bridge between the practical and the magical.

  • I teach about spiritual tips to fit into your back pocket.
  • I convey ways to incorporate magic into your business.
  • I speak about mantras, visualization and meditation as ways to gain calm in family life.

Weaving the practical and magical - I can’t believe this has eluded me.

As I’ve only recently come out of the spiritual closet, I think I’ve been terrified and couldn’t see what was right in front of me.

I weave the practical and magical – for myself, my family and my clients.

This is perfect.

I initiate the magical to those who relate only to the practical.

I instill the practical to those who engage only in the magical.

Weaving the practical and magical.

I like it.

I’m an intuitive strategist who weaves the practical and the magical.

It fits.

My name is Kim Woods and I deal in practical magic.

I love this.

Now I just have to decide if I'm going to update my marketing materials.

Hmm...more mulling.


As always, wishing you joy,