Welcome the new.


The Aries New Moon on Sunday, April 15th at 9:57 pm EDT furthers the thematic energies to begin anew this month. The fiery forces fuel your yearnings as fire ignites, moves and awakens.  You feel pushed and pulled by these impulses and as such; questions may arise:

  • Are you heading in your desired direction?
  • Are there things you want to change in your life?
  • If so, how do you begin?

This is an excellent to gain answers as Aries is the igniter, instigator and innovator. It wants to lead, take initiative and break out in adventurous ways. The sign is energized by the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus. Your identity, emotional ties, intellectual constructs and pull for individuation is in the sign of initiation, daring and ambition. Mercury has stationed direct this day to travel back through Aries giving you more time to be brave and courageous in finding your voice and expressing yourself. Adding pressure is Uranus, who is encouraging you to break from routine, embrace change and take action toward something different or new. Uranus strives for freedom and brings your future toward you whether you’re ready or not.

On this New Moon, the Aries Sun moves together with the Moon and Uranus as it comes exact on the 18th. These energies are amplified with the Jupiter-Pluto combination of the day prior and the coming configurations of the next few days. Neptune inspires Mars improving your romantic life, inspiring service to others or stimulating your spiritual connection.  Expect a fresh, vibrant and exciting time over the next few days.

The Jupiter and Pluto excitement is an ongoing scenario for most of the year with three exact stimulating dates. The first one occurs on January 15, this one – April 14th and the next, September 12th. Jupiter encourages you to make bold shifts and Pluto moves you to explore your wholeness with vigor and depth. This combination adds to the fiery blend in Aries of your identity and heart with your intellectual constructs and quest for independence. Making positive change is supported right now.

This isn’t a heavy time. The buoyant loft of Jupiter is supported as Venus builds momentum in opposition to it and tones Pluto, putting your relationships and financial life into play. Intensity, passion and joy are sprinkled into your love interests and good luck, value and support are involved in your financial pursuits. Now may be the time to invigorate your relationships and your finances.

New Moon Recommendations:

  • If you’re feeling restless, take action.
  • Make plans to do something bold or actually do it!
  • Go to a yoga class.
  • Get romantic.
  • Stay flexible with any unforeseen changes.
  • Meditate at this time to manifest your best life.
  • Find a cause and support it.
  • Review your intentions from the new year and make tweaks as desired.
  • Assess your finances. Find ways to create value.
  • If single, go out and meet someone new.
  • Express yourself in the most authentic ways possible.

This is the perfect time to begin something new. Making positive change is supported right now.

Wishing you joy,