Welcome Witches


We are all witches. Yup, I said it.

All of us – are witches.

Every single one of us.

How’s does that feel?

Does it make you want to stop reading or are you intrigued?

Wait a minute – witches?

Witches, really?

All of us?

How do I know this?

I know this because I see.

I know this as I watch.

I know this because I observe.

I see mothers laughing and playing with their children and know their witchcraft is motherhood.

I watch women’s blissful expressions when they buy flowers, talk about their gardens or pick vegetables and taste their bounty.  These are the garden witches.

I observe women walking their dogs or talking about their cats and know these women are animal witches.

Which one are you?

If you don’t know, it’s where you live your joy, it’s what thoughts give you pure pleasure and it’s how you feel delighted.

How do you live joy in your life?

It is cooking, crafting, singing, painting, laughing with children, frolicking with animals, playing sports, gathering with other women or learning new things?

If it’s any of these things, you may be a kitchen witch, a crafting witch (pun intended), a musical, artist, mother, animal, athletic, social or knowledgeable witch.

Is it celebrating the holidays, basking in the sun and dancing with the moon? If so, you may be an elemental witch.

Is it discovering the healing powers of herbs, flower essences and essential oils? If so, you may be a healing witch.

Is it learning about crystals and stones, reading your horoscope and playing with energy cards? If so, you may be a divining witch.

Is it delving further into the mysteries, studying astrology or following the Goddess? If so, you may be welcoming the way of the witch into your life.

But, witch really?

Why witch?

I have chosen witch because it’s true.

I have chosen witch because it’s powerful.

I have chosen witch for its triggers.

I have purposely chosen this word.


I have chosen ‘witch’ as it triggers such a response. It’s an electric word – shuttering and sputtering. It evokes images of green haggard faces, straggly hair and wart riddled noses and hands. It calls up scary visions, fear of the unknown and perhaps dread in the pit of stomachs.

By definition, the word witch means:

  • A woman thought to have magic powers, especially evil ones, popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat and flying on a broomstick.
  • An ugly or unpleasant woman.

Conversely, a warlock:

  • A man who practices witchcraft, a sorcerer.

One is treated much kinder than the other, but instead of railing against this imbalance, let’s explore the term witch further.

When searching for an image of a witch to accompany this post, I conjured either scary or overly sexy pictures.

Why can’t an image of a witch be normal?

Why can’t it be of a beautiful, loving mother caring for her children or a happy carefree young woman creating magic in her backyard?

Hmmm…perhaps it’s due to the power a witch evokes. She is the creator of her own universe as she lives her joy in ways others may not understand and spreads this joy through her creativity, nurturance and manifestation abilities.

Let’s explore even further.

A witch may be able to grow all of her own food, thereby eliminating the need to purchase from others.

She may be able to keep her own home and care for her children without the aid of a man.

She might be ready to assume the power to conjure her own life by making her own decisions and connecting directly to the divine.

Hmm…perhaps, vilifying these abilities gave others more control over any woman who desired independence and showed promise in these areas.

Yet, centuries have past.

Hundreds and hundreds of years.

Countless decades.

Yet, the definition and images remain the same.

I say STOP.

It’s time for a change.

Actually, it’s beyond time for a change.

Let’s sloe off the tired and worn out black pointed hats and wart riddled faces.

Let’s rid each other of the assumption witches are somehow tied to the dark or shadow side of life.

Let’s redefine.

Let’s remember.

Witches are healers, gardeners, animal lovers and creators of many kinds.

Witches are in tune with nature and all of its inhabitants.

Witches are connected to their hearts and live in joy.

So, how do you create love and abundance in your life?

Where do you express harmony and passion?

In what ways do you find joy?

I invite you to recall your ability to create abundance, make magic and embrace freedom.

I invite you to evoke your skills of power and manifestation.

I implore you to remember – you are a witch.

Let’s welcome the way of the witch into our lives.

Let’s welcome love, creativity and joy.

Let’s welcome passion, abundance and freedom.

Let’s be witches.

Come delight with me - my fellow witches!