Books by Kim

All About Calm Cover.jpg

Do you feel stressed? Do you want more calm in your life? Do you need quick and easy solutions to create a more peaceful life? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. 

All About Magic Beginnings cover.jpg

Magic is everywhere and tapping into it is easy – if you know how. Creating space in your life, learning about energy and connecting to your intuition are the first steps to living a magical life.

All About Abundance Cover.jpg

How do you make more money, work less and travel to great places? How do you have better health, loving relationships and more joy? How do you create more abundance in your life?

We have a sister company to help families live better lives. At Men in the Head®, we create solutions to simplify complex issues, to relieve stress, and to make connections.

Everything we do is simple | connected | fun. ™

Meet the characters who help parents, children and therapists understand these connections. We offer a poster of the characters as well as children’s books for all ages. The brain-body connection can be simple, connected and fun. 


Do you know someone who has developmental issues? If so, this story is for you.

Alex and Chloe.jpg

Alex, Chloe, and Shadow go on an adventure and meet The Men in the Head®.


Can the Friends Surprise Sally? The Men in the Head® friends have lots of fun during the day. 

So Big Cover.jpg

You met the The Men in the Head® friends in our Alex & Chloe and Surprise! books and now you can see them as babies!