The Dark.


Just now, I exchange texts with a dear soul sister and close my message with, “…monsters lurking in the dark – what f*#$ing nonsense.” Yes. A few minutes ago. I say it - complete with

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Planting Seeds


“You’re starting high school in a few weeks, so let’s talk,” I say to my 14-year old daughter, Katy, recently. She’s amenable, so I’ve caught her at a good time. I’ve been thinking of the

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Weaving Practical and Magical


“Your healer is right when she says you need to get out of the situation,” I say to a client last week, “but you also need to access how you’re going to do it.” “Yes,

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Make it Real


“You have such a way of making things actually happen,” a client says to me the other week, “I want to tap into that ability.” I, always up for a teachable moment, launch into how

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Mothers are Shapeshifters


“You’re unhappy because you need to reinvent yourself now that your children are all in college,” I say to a client the other morning, “You need to shift your life to accommodate these most recent

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Meditation 101


Many people have come to me and asked me how I meditate. They say they are frustrated in their attempts to meditate and just cannot do it. It’s a shame, really, as we unfortunately attempt

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