Potential Pathway Program

Launch of Potential Pathway Series at end of September.


Potential Pathway Series

Layers of your YES:

1. Say YES to You

2. Connect to You

3. Be Uniquely You

4. Commit to You

5. Be Unstoppably You


Where are you on your YES? Take the quiz to find out.



Money Break-Away Series

Money is a great equalizer as it demonstrates your inner life to the outer world.

Removing obstacles involves dealing with money, so I’ve developed money courses for you to resolve any issues you may have with it.

Super Power Program

Discover your super powers! Join us live on-line on the 2nd Tuesday evening of the month to gather your strength, unlock your potential and unleash your power. Only 2 more left to go! The program ends in August.

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Goddess Collectives

Connect to your inner Goddess in my monthly Goddess Collectives. Relate to the stars, use magical tools and perform Goddess celebrations every month.