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How do you begin?

Truth: The truth will set you free!

You start at the beginning – with your natal chart & past life reading.

The stars were aligned the minute you were born.

Let’s look to see what they reveal to you.

Make an appointment for your initial reading.

Potential: Unlock your potential!

Follow-on private appointments involve a combination of:

* Astrological transits, progressions or relationships readings;

* Crystals and flower essences support;

* Consultative advice to overcome any obstacles, harness your power and reach your true purpose in this world.

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Unlock your potential with group events:

* Super power programs

* Goddess collectives

* Star parties

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Magic: Live your magical life!

Select my magical living monthly 1-on-1 sessions.

Create magic with monthly sessions.

Participate in magical groups:

* Monthly celestial rituals

* Intuitive business programs

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Purchase magical products:

* Books on calm, abundance and magic

* Online guided meditations

* Online programs

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