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Create abundance, freedom and joy in your life.

Invest in yourself to live the life of your dreams.



Do you want to create calm in your life?

Are you looking for easier ways to get support in your days? 

Do you have an interest in meditation, yet have trouble connecting? 

You’re in the right place. 

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 Cosmic Connect: Release and Manifest

This is a multi-layered approach that’s available to you as you’re ready. The messages, information and energy of the bi-weekly rituals meet you where you are and as you’re ready to reveal, each layer resonates with you immediately. 


Layer One: Connect.

o Learn how to calm your mind and follow your heart.

o Learn how to connect to yourself through guided meditation.

o Relax into yourself and create calm in your daily life.

o Understand the importance of the Moon in your life and the connection to your heart.

o Discover her gifts to you every month.


Layer Two: Discover

o Connect to your heart’s desires via the lunar signatures.

o Discover your wishes and dreams as you explore your heart during the waxing Moon.

o Determine the stale energy in your life as you survey yourself during the waning Moon.

o Step into the Goddess as she helps you interpret your heart’s knowing.

o Explore every recess of your heart to activate its force in your life.


Layer Three: Open

o Leverage the vibrational qualities of crystals to help you create your dreams.

o Tap into the power of the Moon so she helps you release unwanted thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

o Overcome obstacles by using the vibrational resonance of crystals and planetary tuning forks.

o Embody the Goddess to ignite inner forces.

o Open to your heart’s knowing and connect naturally and easily on your own.


Layer Four: Manifest

o Understand the phases of the Moon and how to use them on your own to expand the power of the group guided rituals.

o Align your will with your heart and mind to manifest your dreams.

o Attune with the resonance to use the Law of Attraction effectively to create your very best life.

o Watch your outer mirrors to relate to what’s happening in your inner life.

o Recognize you are a co-creator in your life.

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Layer Five: Follow

o Align with the divine and allow your higher self to guide you in your daily life.

o Accept the messages of the cosmos, connect to your heart and lean into them to help direct your path.

o Bring the energy of the rituals into your heart space to appreciate the happenings in your outer world.

o Follow divine guidance and take right action to create your very best life

o Allow your heart to lead and see what unfolds in your life.


“Be humble for you are made of the Earth. Be noble for you are made of the stars.”



Say YES to Connect to You!