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Monthly Membership

My monthly membership meets live twice a month to keep you on track for achieving your full potential. 

Life has a certain rhythm – a relaxing flow of unwinding and a moving flow of getting stuff done. 

We follow this flow. In fact, we follow it through the lunar power to use her energy to help you release what no longer fits you and to manifest your wishes and desires. 

We meet live in a closed FB group every other Monday at 10:00 am EDT to refocus your attention on yourself before your week takes on a life of its own. You connect to yourself during these ‘lives’ and can recommit to your goals and desires as necessary.  

Note: The replay is always available. 

Each 40-minute live follows a pattern: 

o  Reconnect to yourself

o  Discover how you can work with available energies

o  Release or manifest, depending upon the focus

o  Do exercise to get you to your full potential

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  • Do you want to create calm in your life?

  • Are you looking for support to make your days easier? 

  • Do you want to connect to you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. 


Potential Monthly Support

Connect to You: Release & Manifest

  • Gain 2 mini-healing sessions every single month to release what no longer works in your life and to manifest your wishes and dreams.

  • Gather the power of the Moon and stars to use as your secret weapon to help you clear your mind, open your heart and activate your will.


What people are saying…


Amy J. -

This was just what I needed this morning!!!💫🌚🤗 As always, thank you, Kim, for leading us in another amazing journey. 🌈

Nina R. -

Thanks, Kim! Watched it today and it was perfect timing. Have to let go first and get my inspiration back before moving forward. ❤️


Gina S. -

I could listen to you all day. Thank you!

Katie Q. -

Fun activity for the night... write days and times for the mediations so going forward I can reference them easier!
Wow we have moved a lot of energy since October!!
Thank You!!!


Say YES to Connect to You!

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