September 2017 Influences


The expression this month is NAKED TRUTH. The question is: Are you being completely honest with yourself and others or are you still hiding aspects of yourself from view? The tarot card is the Integrity

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August Influences


The expression this month is GO FOR IT.  The question is: Will you give yourself permission to be authentically true to yourself or will you submit to other's definitions of you?  The tarot card is the KNOWER

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July Influences – Intensity.


The expression this month is INTENSITY. The question is: Are you going to dive into the fire, explore your depths and breakthrough to the other side or is the intensity going to make you explode

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June 2017 Influences


The expression this month is WHOLENESS and the question is: Will you embrace yourself in your totality or attempt to remain unaware or judgmental of certain aspects of yourself? This month provides a tremendous healing

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April 2017 Influences


The expression this month is SUPPRESSED PASSION or ENLIGHTENED FIRE. It’s up to you. The tarot card is the TEN OF CUPS: PASSION. The passionate feeling from March continues into April. It starts off where

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March 2017 Influences


The expression this month is COMMITTED PASSION.  The tarot card is the Ten of Cups – Passion.  Ten relates to the Law of Fortune and the cups relate to emotions or the heart, so the ten

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December 2016 Influences


The month of December is RE-CREATION. The tarot card of the month is the Empress. This is a conservative card as the Empress is the preserver of our creations. At this time, we are called

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