September Full Moon – Burst Forth


The Libra-Aries Full Moon on the 24th at 10:54 pm EDT involves Saturn in tight tension with both the Sun and Moon and includes Mercury, Mars, Chiron and Uranus. So, it’s a lot. All of these

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Blue Moon – March 31st


The Full Moon in Libra on March 31st at 8:37 am EST creates a cardinal triangle with the Sun and Mercury in Aries at one point and Mars and Saturn in Capricorn at the other.

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December Full Moon on the 3rd: Relax


It's the Full Moon. It’s in Gemini. It’s a SUPER Moon – meaning it’s MORE than itself. It’s surrounded by Neptune and Mercury energy that makes it murky, confusing and venerating. This Gemini Full Moon

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Happy Beaver Full Moon!


Today, the Full Moon in Taurus, ruled by Venus, continues the theme of love from October, but adds zing with the Scorpio energies and tugs between Venus and Uranus. The depth of Scorpio, the serenity

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Full Moon – September 6th


The Full Moon on September 6th is all about Virgo and Pisces. Virgo strives for perfection and Pisces accepts everything as it is – it loves the connection and cannot conceive of anything being less

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September 2017 Influences


The expression this month is NAKED TRUTH. The question is: Are you being completely honest with yourself and others or are you still hiding aspects of yourself from view? The tarot card is the Integrity

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July Influences – Intensity.


The expression this month is INTENSITY. The question is: Are you going to dive into the fire, explore your depths and breakthrough to the other side or is the intensity going to make you explode

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