Boston Voyager Magazine - photo by Annie Melden Productions

Boston Voyager Magazine - photo by Annie Melden Productions

In the News

Check out the recent article in Boston Voyager Magazine. I’m interviewed about my work and my journey. It’s been a process to get here!

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Unsolicited Testimonies

Anetta R.

“Finally finally FINALLY doing the number crunching-official planning of my new biz starts now! Thank you Kim Woods for the push! 😉 Everyone and I do mean everyone of my healer friends NEEDS to go see this incredible wise and wild woman! You will wake up feeling like you’ve entered a new dimension of your life! Time to level up to all the yumminess! “

Emily A.

“I got a BIG lesson yesterday as I had my astrological chart read for the first time ever and it was SO VALIDATING! Changed my business model to be streamlined with my life mission and now have grown by business by a MAGNITUDE! Work with Kim, she ROCKS it!” 

Susie H.

“Good morning Kim, just wanted to let you know that I SO enjoyed our conversation yesterday! It awakened parts/dreams in me that I hadn't been paying much attention to, and this morning I'm feeling excited and motivated to start planning and researching how to go about achieving them.. first step: write them down! (baby steps!). 

Thanks again for doing what you do and sharing your gifts with the rest of us, have a great weekend.”

Angela M.

“You coming into my life was one of my greatest gifts, greatest lessons and I am so grateful for you…your spirit is so playful, beautiful and pure love. You are smart, funny, gorgeous and talented. Lots of love coming your way.”

Stephanie V.

“Kim, thank you so much! That reading was amazing and so much fun I can’t wait to listen to the replay! There was so much info and layers you’re right. I just got diagnosed with bronchitis tonight I have been so sick and energy low lately. But have been so excited about the reading.

I have been wanting to have one done for a long time and even asked around for a good person. I saw your live and said yep! I love her energy! She’s my person lol. 

I look forward to being in the group and getting the updates! I have the deluxe moon app so usually try to follow it and see where I am in my cycle pretty cool! 

I took out my Linda Howe book and reread it over and am so excited about diving deeper into the Akashic Records!! Thank you for your guidance, wisdom, and time!! Truly I appreciate it!  Take care! Xoxoxo.”

Lisa N.

“I am still floating (although I am grounded!!) from all of the beautiful information you shared with me - I cannot believe the incredibly specific synchronicities that came through - it was brilliant.  I really knew you had connected with me through the astrology and your amazing intuition. The guidance provided through the reading is so on target for where I am in my life.   I cannot thank you enough - I felt so safe and it was so easy to be vulnerable with you - this means so much to me. You have created such a wonderful environment and your ability to connect and express information with joy and encouragement is a gift I am so grateful to have received.”