1-on-1 With Kim:

Welcome to the Reading Room!

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Let’s get started on your revealing journey! I’m so excited to reveal your truth, potential and magic.™ 



The truth will set you free!


Step 1: The Big Reveal!

You start at the beginning with your natal chart as I open your cosmic blueprint to allow the blossoming of your innate strengths. I then power up your cosmic forces and relieve your known and unknown issues. Every aspect of your life is revealed for you to be seen, heard and known. It’s exhilarating, intoxicating and enchanting. You come away fully alive and ready to take on the world! (90 minutes)



Unlock your potential!


Step 2: The Illumination

Next, I reveal your soul’s potential by diving into the reason you’re here at this time. You may be driven by unseen forces and not have a clear idea as to where you’re headed. Most of us don’t know until it’s uncovered through your astrological reading. I reveal this to you and open up your soul’s cosmic pathway – fully and completely. (60 minutes)

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Steps 3 - 5: Healing through Revealing™

Life has a habit of getting in the way. You may have blocks, obstacles or feelings holding you back from aligning with your authentic power. Whichever, these are, you need to rid yourself of them to live your very best life and use your unique gifts. The next 3 steps are based on you, individually. The 3 components absolutely need to happen, but the order is based upon you. You may need to eliminate external obstacles before you remove internal blockages or you may need to reveal your authentic power, before you have the strength of getting deep into the elimination and releasing process. We work with vibrational healing tools such as; tuning forks, crystals & stones, flower essences and essential oils, as well as guided meditation to create the open channel you need to step into your authentic power. (Each session - 60 minutes)




Live your magical life! 


Step 6: The Ignition

Once you’re aligned with your true power, we ignite your scaffolding process to achieve your highest potential. Your particular steps are discovered as you ally with your authentic self and begin the process of living the life you’re meant to live. You walk away with a guide, magically practical tools, and resources specific to you, to start your new life. (60 minutes)

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Step 7: The Attunement

Once you’re on your right path, you attract your audience as it involves your life mission and role in the world. You are seen, heard and known by those aligned on your authentic path.

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Step 8: The Connection

The interconnectedness of your tribe is unmasked as the signals move along the webbing of your soul’s vibrational frequency. This tribe is your soul’s support system and one you want to uncover to bring more magic and joy into your life.