1-on-1 With Kim:

Welcome to your Potential Pathway™!

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Say YES to you - I can’t wait to reveal your full potential!


Have you ever noticed?

  • Once you say YES to yourself, you feel guilty and divert your attention to something or someone else? 

  • You figure out what you want to do, doubts come creeping in or others ‘nay-say’ your ideas? 

  • You try to make progress, but there seems to be an invisible road block in front of you no matter where you turn? 

It’s so aggravating! 

I can totally relate as can SO many others – all of my clients, in fact. 

There’s so much going on underneath the surface, it drives what you can see above it. It’s the reason for the doubt, the guilt, the diversion. It creates roadblocks wherever you turn. 

I do the underground stuff, so you don’t have to. It takes inner knowing to get underneath the surface to unlock junk that’s been holding you back or to un-do the patterns you’ve circled around for most of your life. 

Your first meeting with me is the most woo-woo, and I mean SUPER WOO. But we know it’s the woo that gets to the bottom of things. So, I look at your astrological birth chart to see what you intended to do in your life – every area of it – love, money, success, family, travel, friends – you name it – we reveal what you really want to do. It’s your map of potential and it’s awesome. 

We talk about YOU - the things you want to overcome and all of your gifts, skills and talents. Everyone LOVES this and all you need is your date, time and place of birth – that’s it – I do the rest. 

For so many of my clients, this is the first time they’ve been fully seen, heard and known. Be prepared for it to be life-changing (in a good way).

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Looking for more info?

After we meet the first-time, you’ll want to commit to yourself as you’ll be super jazzed about everything we uncovered. 

Yet, you live your life day-to-day and that has a tendency to get in the way. So, I hold onto your highest potential and create the outline of your Potential Pathway™ to keep your path clear. 

And, we meet again, a handful of times in fact, to get you on track, to remove roadblocks and to manifest your true potential. 

During our follow-on meetings, as your life strategist, I become your guide, teacher and mentor. 

We follow a certain formula, but the specifics depend upon you and what’s happening in your life.  

In each meeting, I lead you to:  

o   Review the happenings in your life

o   Assess the status of your goals

o   Determine any obstacles in your way

o   Reveal the underlying reasons for them to relieve their impact

o   Highlight more of your potential map

o   Outline your next steps

o   Schedule your next meeting

These follow-on meetings get under the covers with my intuitive knowing, so be prepared, I’ll be WOO. Yet, I’m also really practical. I deal on both levels seamlessly and I follow your lead on how much of either to incorporate. 

Are you ready to say YES to you to reveal your highest potential?

Let’s get started!



The truth will set you free!


Step 1: Potential Map

This is your FIRST step and it’s the big one. Your natal chart (time, date & place of birth) is the Map of Your Potential. You selected influences as strengths and forces to overcome in order to live to your highest potential. Let’s discover these as I open up all of your energies. This reading is a life-changer. Say YES to you!




Unlock your potential!




Life has a habit of getting in the way as you encounter obstacles and blocks inhibiting your progress. These may be known or unknown. In these sessions, we get rid of them as we review the mirrors in your life, remove blacks - past & present, overcome obstacles and manifest your dreams. I do the woo with astrology & such, as we connect to your specific Potential Pathway™. Depending upon your tolerance, we work with vibrational resonance, as well as guided meditation to create the open channel you need to step into your authentic power. (Each session - 60 minutes)




Live your magical life! 



Multi-Meeting Packs

You may want to purchase a package to save money. If so, I recommend the 3-pack follow-on for a savings of 25%.

You are SO ready to live authentically, unapologetically and unstoppably. ™

Let’s go!



What client’s are saying…

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Amy J.

“I LOVED my reading soooo much with you! I just keep making so many connections and peeling back layers of understanding of myself that is so incredibly comforting that it makes me wish I had done this sooner! I can’t begin to thank you for sharing your gift with me and I really look forward to being able to have another reading...”

Kelly P.

“Thank You Kim sooooo much!!!!! It was so awesome to meet you and you read my chart just beautifully ❤I am so excited for everything to fall into place! You really are amazing and I am blessed to know you🌟I can’t wait the step into my full healing potential with Mother Moon 🌚. Many ideas have been coming to me. Thanks Again! Many Blessings 🌟Can’t wait to catch up on everything 👍”



Jenn B.

“Hi Kim! Yesterday was amazing! I've already listened several times. I love your ability to story tell, while keeping things exciting, an easy to understand. I look forward to the next time we sit together.”